Capturing Kenyon Hall Farm during lockdown

  • 13 May, 2020
  • author: Katy Jordan
  • category: Uncategorised


They have flour! And yeast…


Kenyon Hall Farm has been our saviour during lockdown, their supplies of fresh, homegrown fruit and vegetables has never dwindled.

We have been visiting Kenyon Hall Farm, a family run farm on the rural edge of Winwick, Warrington for many years now. It is famous for it’s yearly pumpkin picking, an attraction that draws families from the local area and beyond.

I was honored to be asked to capture their ‘doorstep portrait’ on my weekly shop. I was lucky enough to also have a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the farm, documenting the hard work and investments they have made to supply the demand to support local businesses.

It was a great to learn all about each fruit picking season and see the ‘dutch’ bees the family had imported in their new purpose built strawberry tent. Asparagus, gooseberries and raspberries were just some of the produce which are grown and almost ready to pick.

Chickens roam in a spacious coop and the eggs produced are used to bake the farms delicious cakes which were previously sold in the cafe, but can now be purchased in the farm shop.

Inside the farm shop, fresh local grown produce is displayed in abundance. Fresh bread, cakes and pies are also sure to make you fall in love with your local business.

Beat the supermarket queues and stressful attempts to social distance, you wont be disappointed with the service and choice that Kenyon Hall Farm has to offer.

Thank you so much to James & Laura for letting me share the images.